Program, weather and live stream Grand Prix of Spain

Program, weather and live stream Grand Prix of Spain

The Formula 1 Grand Prix of Spain is on the program this weekend. You can follow the entire weekend live via the free live stream that you can find on this page.

Last week at Silverstone it was incredibly hot in British Formula 1. Bad for the tires, but it also provided a lot of spectacle. As a result, Max Verstappen surprised friend and foe by winning the race for Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

Perhaps we will get a lot of spectacle again at the Catalunya circuit in Barcelona. With temperatures between 30 and 35 degrees it gets incredibly hot. Will Red Bull also have an advantage this weekend? Of course it does not necessarily have to be the case. The competition has, of course, been working all week to prepare for the heat as best they can.

The first free practice is scheduled for Friday 14 August. First practice starts at 10am on Friday, second free practice is at 2pm on Friday. Final practice is at 11am on Saturday and qualifying begins at 2pm the same day. British Summer Time. The Grand Prix starts at the now customary time of 2.10pm BST. 

F1 live stream 1 || F1 live stream 2

Catalunya history

  • Circuit length: 4.655km
  • First grand prix:  1991
  • Laps: 66
  • Race distance:  307.104
  • Race lap record:  1.18.441 – Daniel Ricciardo, 2018
  • 2018 winner:  Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
  • Number of corners:  16
  • Overtaking chances:  Not great, overall. At the end of two DRS zones into tight-ish corners are the best opportunities: at the end of the back straight and the pit straight respectively. That said, with the mega downforce, these cars have the corners are not the big braking zones they once were. Get a good exit from the quick, long right-hander at turn three through and putting one down the inside of turn four isn’t impossible, though. Perhaps this race will give us a real test of whether the regulation changes have made any difference to how difficult it is to follow a car ahead

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